Sweetly Real Estate

Sweetly offers homeowners a sweeter way to sell. Skip the “listing process” and be sold when you’re ready to sell.

Carrington Communities is proud to partner with Edmonton-based Sweetly, a fully-licensed real estate brokerage offering homeowners the choice to sell their home hassle-free with no public showings or open houses in three simple steps:

  1. Determine the property value by filling in an online form, requesting an in-person evaluation or send in a recent property appraisal;
  2. Review the full price offer from Sweetly (less fees) along with comparable properties in your area;
  3. Once sold you'll receive two payments for the full value. You can choose your possession date and focus on your move.

Sweetly’s industry-disrupting model evaluates a home by comparing it to other recent  sales in the area, then offers homeowners the opportunity to sell to Sweetly and receive two  payments; one paid immediately upfront, and one after the home has been resold. The first payment represents 75% of the expected market value, and the remaining balance, minus a 6.5% flat fee, reduced to 6.25% for Carrington customers, is paid to the original homeowner after Sweetly resells the home on the open market.

Contact a sales associate at any one of our communities or Sweetly directly today for more information!