Mortgage Calculator

What can I afford?

The more financial flexibility you have, the easier it is to strike the right balance between owning your own condo and independent living. You will need to estimate your income, expenses, investments, savings, and debt to determine what would be an appropriate mortgage for you. You can use our Mortgage Calculator below to estimate your monthly mortgage payments at today's interest rates.

Ideal Interest Rates 

The current Prime Interest Rate is at an unprecedented low amidst the current market trends.

This is fantastic news for those looking to purchase a home with interest rates down almost 2% from early 2020.

You can also explore financial programs designed to help make the process of buying your first home easier:

*Note this information is accurate on June 23, 2020.


Mortgage Calculator

This mortgage calculator is to be used only to estimate your mortgage payments. It does not include potential CMHC insurance fees, legal or closing fees and should not replace sound financial advice from a financial professional.