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Pro(TEK)ting Your Investment

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When it comes to building low-rise, multi-family residential buildings (aka Condominiums), there’s no better experts than the team at Carrington Construction. We have been building condominiums and apartments in Edmonton since 1973. That’s over 45 years to learn and hone our craft, ensuring we are using the latest technologies and building practices to not only meet but exceed building codes in many areas of our build.

When considering if the condo life is for you, you’re likely going to weigh the pros against the cons before you make any life changing decisions. Let’s review the pros to condos living:

  • Less maintenance – no more worrying exterior maintenance like replacing shingles or windows.
  • Less work – no more shoveling or yard maintenance!
  • Security of community – thrive while living in a secure and friendly community!
  • Affordability – condo prices are considerably less then comparable single family homes, so you’ll have more money left over each month to do what makes you happy.

Of course, there are some misconceptions about the integrity and safety of condo living, and in this article we will dispel one of those misconceptions, the threat of fire in condos. Although it’s true, fires are a serious event that are life altering, you can rest easy knowing that at Carrington we take serious pride to ensure our buildings are safe from the threat of fire.

Using BarrierTek ProTEKtor IID®

Carrington takes a scientific approach to fire safety, using a fire retardant coating called ProTEKtor IID®, supplied by Canadian company BarrierTek, to treat lumber components of our wood-frame buildings.

Barriertek ProTEKtor IID® adds piece of mind to the surrounding community by adding an extra layer of protection to a building while under construction, the most vulnerable phase of its life cycle. This product is proven to significantly reduce the threat of fire-spreading by bonding to engineered wood, creating a durable shield that will not chip or flake throughout the construction process, and removes the three elements from wood that a fire needs to start and burn – Oxygen, Fuel and Heat.

“Once the construction phase is complete, the coating remains effective for the lifespan of the building, adding another layer of safety to the building.” explains Dustin Graves, Senior Project Manager for Carrington Construction. “Each dwelling is comprised of its own drywall rated compartment, and the entire building is protected by a monitored fire alarm system that automatically dispatches emergency services upon alarm, as well as a fire suppression sprinkler system engineered to control any fire that may occur, such as a pot on a stove.”

The Canadian Wood Council rates the flame spread of common untreated plywood and OSB at 150+ - BarrierTek ProTEKtor IID® drastically lowers the rating to 15 or under. Basically what that means is that should a fire in your condominium breach the initial fire protection systems we have in place and reach the lumber, the rate at which the fire will spread is greatly reduced than in buildings not treated with fire retardant spray. To watch a demonstration of the product in action click the link below.

BarrierTek Product Video (YouTube)

ProTEKtor IID® is specially designed for harsh climates, it binds to the surface of the wood to form durable and tough coating that lasts for the life of the building. The application and approval process is done off-site, under the supervision of the specialists at BarrierTek, who are actual scientists and engineers that are experts at limiting the spread fires in wood buildings.  Once treated, the lumber is evaluated to meet strict requirements, then shipped to site for construction.

More Security for Less Risk

From a safety perspective, the benefits of this product are priceless. There is no doubt that your investment and home is safer in a Carrington condo, versus a condo without fire retardant protection. It’s easy to set us apart while under construction – just look for the signature green lumber and you can see exactly how much and where we apply BarrierTek ProTEKtor IID®.

Contact a community expert at Carrington today to learn more about our condo safety practices.


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