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Overcoming your Biggest Retirement Obstacles

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Carrington’s secrets to successfully moving out of your old home and into your new, coveted condo.

Secret #1: Move into your new, coveted condo before you retire. 

WHY? The primary stress of moving out of your old home and into your condo for your future retirement is probably money. If you are currently working and still have an ongoing source of income, then that stress can be partially alleviated with your extra earnings. 

If you want to move out of your old home and into a new condo while you work, you have much more time to carefully plan and complete a lot of the process yourself. This will help to eliminate costs such as movers and possibly even closing costs on your home if you chose to take on selling it yourself.

Tips for success:

  • Take your time when finding a new place and selling your old. Since you have a few years before retirement, there is no need to sell your house at a rock bottom price or move into an undesirable condo.
  • Look at taking care of parts of the transition yourself to help keep costs down. You can check out our full moving process checklist to see where you’d be able to use your DIY skills.
  • Look into housing rebates that apply to your city or province and are directly aimed at the retirement demographic. As an example for Alberta residents, you could apply for the Seniors Property Tax Referral Program if you want to pause your current property tax payments for additional income to put towards your new condo. 


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