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Nestled in the picturesque city of Vernon, British Columbia, Vista Condominiums has been steadily advancing since the groundbreaking in February 2023. Follow along on our construction journey and stay tuned as we announce milestones that shape Vista's transformation into a premium luxury condominium.

Construction Progress

We're excited to share that significant progress has been made in our development. Outside, we've achieved a major milestone with the completion of the main roof SBS membrane. This membrane is crucial for providing essential protection and insulation for the building. At Vista, we're committed to delivering exceptional value, which is why we've opted for a 2-ply system rather than 1-ply. Additionally, we've fused the joints in the membranes together with heat, creating a seamless sheet and adding an extra layer of protection.

Furthermore, we're pleased to announce that siding installation on the north and south faces has progressed to the 4th floor. Additionally, we're excited to share that the construction of our pool has officially begun, breathing life into an exciting amenity that will elevate the lifestyle of our homeowners.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue along! For now, enjoy the flyover video from April 2024 and photo gallery.

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