Our Guarantee 

We are proud to partner with warranty providers in Alberta to ensure you get the best experience in your home buying process. Talk to a sales associate to learn more about Alberta’s 1-2-5-10 Year Warranty Protection for new home buyers.

We take pride in every home built by Carrington Communities. Through our partnership with Master Craftsman Warranty you can be assured your home warranty will be handled by qualified staff.

Master Craftsman Warranty is a highly respected company providing warranty services to home builders. MCW utilizes their over 100 years of combined construction/warranty expertise to enhance your condo home-care an maintenance. MCW has a dedicated team of office staff and warranty technicians to handle all of your warranty needs in a professional and efficient manner.

We are committed to delivering a finished, quality built home and you should feel secure that our job extends beyond the turnover of your home. 

Contact us at:

1253-91 Street SW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6X 1E9

E: mcw@carrington.ca
PH: 780-490-6060 
FX: 780-439-8008

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Closed Weekends and Holidays



Master Craftsman Warranty does offer a 24-Hour Emergency care for any emergency situations, such as a significant plumbing leak or a complete loss of heat.  Should there be an after hours emergency please contact us at 780-222-4570.

For all other warranty requests, please submit in writing to Master Craftsman Warranty Limited before your warranty expiration date in order to be considered.

Your Coverage

Warranty Coverage

  • 1 year warranty includes the builder warranty
  • 2 year warranty includes delivery and distribution
  • 5 year warranty includes the building envelope
  • 10 year warranty includes structural

Condo Maintenance 

  • Thermostat
  • GFI reset
  • Fan coil unit operation and cooling expectations
  • Wall-mounted A/C
  • Smoke detector
  • Bath fan operation
  • Water shut-off valves
  • Appliances
  • Lamp switches/dummy fan switch
  • Laminate/engineered hardwood care
  • Humidity and humidifier - utilizing a measuring tool
  • Baseboard heating
  • Exclusive use area
  • Access to Conasys homeowner information

*Service requests are best submitted at 3- and 12-month intervals after possession date.

*Condo board is responsible for repairs in common property suite renovations.